Fake it until you make it, then make it again, cut it up, nail it down, screw it up, cut to the chase, make a mess with it, confess to it, digress with it, undress with it, bench press with it, think less of it, obsess over it. Just make.
You need to stop with the judgements and blame gaming, the defending, upending and pretending, the finger pointing and over analyzing every itty bitty thing. 
Look, just don't with the excuses, the insults and abuses, the nitpicking, boot licking pan sticking, sniping, criticizing, proselytizing, scrutinizing and prying, the white lying and over the top trying. 
You are not perfect and neither is anyone else. Stop worrying, trying to keep up, don't care what other people think, do, have, look like, hate, love, screw all of that.
Don't wait for permission or a commission, or for grad school admission, don't ask your physician. Just start making, forsaking, heart breaking, coffee caking, corn flaking, jailbreaking, belly aching, profit taking, claim staking, nap waking, trouble making muckraking, shit taking, earth shaking, undertaking. Just make. 
Face your fear, lean in to it, embrace it, use it to power your tools, float your boat, make things you're afraid of, things you're ashamed of, things that make you scream, paralyze you, turn on you, put you off, and freak you out.
Push your anxiety off a cliff and then bring it back to life so you can jump on it, kick it in the nuts and toss it in the river with concrete boots. 
Suck it up, spit it out, bite the bullet, shoot from the hip, start at the beginning, jump in the middle, do an end run, whatever it takes to just start and keep making. 
Something. Anything, Everything.
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